Our Story Starts With Your Story

About Work Authentically

Work Authentically was created as a result of what Allyson (Ally) Bubb observed while working in corporate workplaces over the course of 20 years. She saw how few people actually enjoyed and were fully engaged in their jobs and she wanted to do something to change that. 

Our mission is to educate and empower people to harness their authenticity so they can do meaningful, high-impact work with joy.

Work Authentically is reinventing the world of work by teaching people to leverage their unique style, approach, and way of being through presentations, workshops, and individual and group coaching focused on careers, including personal brand, resumés, LinkedIn, and job search strategies.

About Your Coach

Ally Bubb, MBA brings over 20 years of experience coaching, mentoring, and managing people. She integrates first-hand knowledge of hiring and human resources in the corporate realm with proven coaching techniques to help you discover your authentic self. Armed with that knowledge, she guides you through the process to identify and target the professional role of your dreams and then give you actionable steps to make those dreams a reality.

She blends industry best practices with her own original content to help job seekers of all ages find work that they love. If you’re new to Work Authentically, Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music was right: “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.”

What We Value

  • You-niqueness – in ALL its forms, and all the wonderful traits that combine to make you authentically you.
  • Hard work or more accurately, the willingness to do the work, even if it doesn’t feel hard (which is typically how using your strengths feels!).
  • Time Away – As important as it is to do the work… it’s even more critical to take time off. Our bodies and brains weren’t meant to be on the go 24/7/365. We take time off to relax and recharge and we encourage you to do the same. Regularly!
  • Progress – rather than perfection. The point is to do better. Daily.
  • Encouragement – We all need to be supported on our career journeys. There are plenty of other places you can go in real life and online that won’t do this.
  • Strengths – Everyone is good at something and will do their best work when they can appreciate and leverage this fact.
  • Integrity – Doing what we say we will do and trusting that you will do the same.
  • Authenticity – Let’s agree to be who we really are, rather than who someone else says we have to be.

Renewable Resources

  • Kindness – There is never too much in the world, so throw kindness around like confetti (think super bowl amounts of the stuff!)
  • Positivity – A positive mindset gives us the ability to keep taking positive action, especially when the circumstances are challenging. 
  • Stories – Our unique stories tie us to the shared humanity of all people. Each story has a thread of our precedents and decedents as well as every other human experience all woven together. Each story is an opportunity to highlight our unique style, approach, and way of being. And each story changes over time as we learn, change, and grow!
  • Relationships – we don’t walk this path alone and will not succeed without others. Keep investing your time and talents in your relationships and they will become treasures.


I booked Ally to speak at a community event, and I was happy I did. She’s professional, easy to work with, well prepared, eloquent and a very engaging speaker. I can’t wait to work with her again!

P.S., 2019

Working with Ally Bubb makes the chore of updating a resume, LinkedIn Profile and changing how you think about presenting your professional self to the world a pleasurable learning experience. I’ve never worked with anyone who focuses on you, who you really are, what your strengths are, understanding what your dreams; taking all of that and creating  a cohesive and professional picture of your true self. Ally is energetic, fun and really knows how to get into the inner core and pull out those amazing attributes, skills and competencies that are you and what employers are looking for. I enjoyed working with Ally, getting to know her and I learned so much on how to continue to keep my professional profile out there and fresh beyond my engagement with her. I would highly recommend investing in yourself and trusting Ally to bring out your authentic self for your professional profile.

C.P., 2019

I have received so many compliments on my resume and LinkedIn profile since you redid them for me and taught me the power of LinkedIn. I am literally averaging 15-20 interviews per week and all but one were from opportunities that were not posted!

T.B., 2019