Change Authentically

A Guide to Transform Your Job and Life Through Positive Action

If you feel stuck in your current job but aren’t sure why or you’re desperate for ideas to improve your career, Change Authentically is for you! Filled with examples from her own life and written from her unique perspective after 20 years in the corporate world, Work Authentically owner and career coach Ally Bubb shows you how you can make dramatic changes to your job and career (and life!) through simple, positive action. For those that feel miserable and stuck at work, Ally shares practical ideas and examples to help you change authentically and create the job of your dreams! Whether you need an ACTION plan to help you move forward or some new ideas to turn your job around, you’ll find them in this easy-to-read guide.

Change Authentically Book Cover


Assessments & Worksheets

Values  Worksheet

 Fear To Fierce Guide

Strengths Finder

16 Personalities


Job Search

Vital Tools for the Job Search

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Questions to Ask an Interviewer


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