Welcome to the Best Ever Mastermind!


What if you could do more of what matters WITHOUT exhaustion, overwork, or burnout?

What if you could stay on track  in the midst of another chaotic month, quarter, or year?

What if you could finally make progress on the things you care MOST about?

What if you could design a life you actually want to live? (And then live it!)

What if your life could go from fine to WOW?


Reality is messy. There is no perfect program or perfect approach to achieve perfect results. Work is hard. Life is hard. And WHEN challenges and obstacles appear, those perfect plans are the first thing to go (just like a New Year’s Resolution!).

You need an approach that was built and tested in reality. You need something that actually works.  Something that is easy enough you’ll stick with it while helping you make real progress with BIG results.

Sound impossible? With the Best Ever Mastermind, it’s not only possible, it’s exactly what you’ll experience.

The Best Ever Mastermind is THE way to show up as the best version of you, even when the challenges and obstacles appear.

If it’s time for a WOW life, one that you’re actually excited about, then it’s time for a Best Ever year!


Best Ever is a year-long mastermind that guides you to create a compelling vision, take action to make it reality, and share your journey with others doing the same thing.

The first question you’re probably asking yourself is likely around what’s included in the program. It’s always the first place I start when I’m evaluating investing in my own growth and development, so here’s a summary to make it easy for you to review.

Best Ever Mastermind What You Get


Of course it’s important to know what you’re getting with any program, but I know you have deeper questions than what learning platform we use (it’s a fantastic, members-only tool that makes learning easy!) or what’s in the surprise mailings (trust me, you’ll love them!).

You really want to know how Best Ever is going to help you make this YOUR best ever year and what you’re going to experience as a result. And the Best Ever experience is exactly what my clients rave about!


Best Ever Benefits - How It Feels


You’re here because you’re already successful.

You don’t need my help figuring out how to deliver amazing results at work. Everyone agrees you’re amazing at what you do. So what do you do when your amazing results feel kind of empty and unfulfilling?

It’s time to shift your focus and change your everyday experience so you can have MORE out of work and life. It’s time to let go of the myth of perfection and embrace the messy reality (progress over perfection). 

You’re here because everything is fine. But guess what? NO ONE dreams of fine.

You’re here because you want more than fine, you want WOW!

You’re here because you want to create a life you’re actually excited about. You want to grow and develop in new ways. You want dedicated time to focus on what matters most to YOU!


Best Ever Benefits - Why It Works



We don’t settle for fine around here, so if you want to be part of a group that feels the same way, if you want others who will lovingly push you forward, if you want to wake up in December of 2023 and say to yourself, “This was my Best Ever year!” then reserve your spot today!


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Still wondering if this is THE program for you? I get it! I’m an overthinker too. 🙂  So, please enjoy reading the full program details to get your questions answered.