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At Work Authentically, we believe that investing in people is the foundation of any successful organization. That’s why our talks and workshops are meticulously crafted to address your unique needs and challenges.

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We offer a variety of talks to help make your event a success. Choose from presentations and workshops on leadership, culture, professional development, personal brand, and more!

3 Simple Shifts to More Fulfillment & Purpose (Without Quitting Your Job!) 

As a leader, you’ve already found a path to success. You’ve figured out how to deliver amazing results. You’ve received consistent feedback that you’re amazing at what you do. So what to do when your amazing results feel kind of empty and unfulfilling?


If you’ve ever thought…

I wish I could do more of what matters, but I’m too exhausted, overworked, or burned out.

I feel a vague sense that there is something more for me.

I’m starting a major work or life change and I want to be intentional about what’s next.

Someday I’ll quit to go work for a non-profit so I can finally have more fulfillment and purpose.


Here’s the thing. You don’t need to quit your job! Instead, you need to focus on 3 simple shifts to change your everyday experience.

You will:

  • Recognize why fulfillment and purpose don’t just happen
  • Understand the relationship of money, meaning, and impact to your fulfillment and purpose
  • Discover 3 simple shifts to incorporate fulfillment and purpose into everything you do


It’s All About Who You Know: Get More Money, Meaning, & Impact When You Cultivate These Key Relationships 

Do you see others getting ahead in their career while you feel stuck? Have you ever wondered about the difference between a mentor or a sponsor? Do you wish there was a way to accelerate your career success?


If you answered, “Yes” to any of these, “It’s All About Who You Know: Get More Money, Meaning and Impact with a Coach, Mentor, and Sponsor” is for you!


You’ll learn:

  • The value of having multiple kinds of development relationships
  • Differences and similarities between a coach, mentor, and sponsor
  • Where to start and how to approach people (without feeling creepy)
  • How to ask for (and get!) what you need to advance your career



Personal Brand for Passionate Leaders 

Do you expect your work to speak for itself? Have you been working with the same people for more than a few years? Do you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these, Personal Brand Power is for you!


Your personal brand is directly tied to your success, so you need to be strategic as you craft and share your powerful message. Whether you have never thought about your personal brand before or are ready to refresh and improve what you have, you’ll be prepared after this fun, hands-on workshop.


You’ll learn:

  • A framework for creating/updating a distinctive personal brand
  • How to connect your personal brand to success
  • Strategies to share your personal brand that don’t feel creepy
  • The best ways to weave your personal brand into everything you do



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