Options for Groups

We offer a variety of talks to help make your event a success. Choose from presentations and workshops on innovation, personal brand, leadership and more!


Stand Out in a Sea of Blandness and B.S. 

Learn how to tell your career story to stand out from the crowd and get the job of your dreams!


Proven Strategies to Elevate Your Personal Brand


This distills the large volume of advice on job searching into an easy to remember formula.


I Am Woman, Hear Me ROAR


Suited for predominantly female audiences, this shares approaches for women to tell their best story and get hired.


How To Incorporate Innovation Into Every Aspect of Your Life


Innovation is a hot topic in the corporate world, for good reason. Find out practical ways to innovate at work and at home.


The Secret Ingredient to Get You Hired and Promoted


This “secret ingredient” will change how you approach your job search… and it isn’t what you think it is!


Customize A Talk For Your Next Event


Is there something else you have in mind? Reach out and let me know!



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