Leadership Lab – Tune Into Your Cues: Leveraging Nonverbal Communication & Quiet Charisma

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Workshop Details – March 12 @ 12pm CT 

Learn how to shout, “I’m a Great Leader!!” without saying a word.

The best leaders aren’t necessarily the ones people follow blindly. They’re the ones people follow willingly and eagerly.

They’re the people who understand how personal connection stems not simply from the words we say, but from the physical and emotional cues we display!

And those cues become even more important in the digital realm, when we aren’t sharing the same physical space.

Join the Leadership Lab, a transformative 1.5 hour hands-on workshop that will help you embrace your quiet charisma and be seen as a leader without saying a word.

Certified body language speaker and trainer, Kristin Bock, will join Life + Leadership Coach, Ally Bubb, for a powerful class filled with learning and fun on a topic that you can’t afford to miss.

If you’ve ever thought:

“I wish my work would just speak for itself.”

“Talking about myself and my successes makes me feel creepy and salesy.”

“I wish I could focus on my work and not have to play political games to get ahead.”

Learn exactly why you need to know what your body is saying even when your mouth stops moving.

With an ear and eye-catching experience, you will learn:

  • Survival of the best communicators is less about words and more about how you make others feel (spoiler alert, it involves nonverbal cues!)
  • Success is truly for master communicators who use both their mouths and body to convey connection
  • The brain science of why human connection matters
  • The key factor to making connections memorable (hello there, charisma!)
  • How to apply quiet charisma to your digital world and develop an action plan to make it happen

Don’t let another promotion or leadership opportunity pass you by because of your quiet nature. Instead, embrace your quiet charisma to change how you’re perceived. Get ready to unleash your digital communication superpowers!

Join live or via replay, whatever works best for you (everyone who registers will get access to both).