Welcome to the Best Ever Mastermind!


  • Do you wish you knew what to focus on to get big results, not just at work, but in your personal life without overworking?
  • Do you easily fall into overwhelm, overthinking, comparing, and procrastination?
  • Do you appear successful to others, but feel like something is missing?
  • Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Is this all there is?”
  • Are your days a blur on a hamster wheel doing the same things over and over again?
  • Is your work and life fine or OK, but doesn’t light you up inside?
  • Do you long for more meaning, fulfillment, joy, even fun?


Here’s the deal:

You CAN experience meaning, impact, fulfillment, and joy. DAILY!

Knowing who you are authentically and taking control of your time and energy are THE ways to get there.

It may sound impossible with your loads of responsibilities and never-ending to-do list, but you need to stand up and claim your best ever you, work, year, and life. It won’t just happen on its own. Are you ready to say:


I call it living and working authentically. This is the key to being the best version of you. This is the key to having the time for what matters most. This is the key to you experiencing more meaning and fulfillment every day. This is the key to you having an impactful, joyful life.

Reality check: The last several years have been difficult. Our ways of living and working have shifted and shifted again. It’s been challenging. You have more to do in less time than ever before. And when you get down deep with the truth, you admit that that your biggest challenge right now is BEING STUCK. The causes?

  • Feeling confused about what REALLY matters to you and how you can even pursue it, especially on a limited schedule
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your many responsibilities at work AND at home
  • Thinking you have to do it all
  • Comparing yourself to other people (half of them strangers!) on the internet
  • Fear of not fitting in (the judgment if you don’t “do what you’re supposed to” is terrifying)
  • Feeling like you’ve got so much more you want to be and do in this lifetime and the clock is ticking ever louder


It’s time to break through.


Hi! I’m Ally Bubb. I’m an executive coach who LOVES helping people step into more money, meaning, and impact with ease. I developed a deep understanding of how to navigate the corporate world over 20 years working as a woman in technology.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been improving and optimizing everything in my path.

My list of superpowers includes enthusiasm, accountability, and a deep love of reading self-help and professional development books, articles, and advice. But I’m not satisfied with simply reading it.

I HAVE to apply it. I NEED to try it out and see how it works in my real life. I find it fascinating and fun to experiment with new approaches and different ways of doing things. I love to optimize myself, my work, and my life. For me, it’s FUN to coach others to do the same.

Of course, I’ve had my share of challenges. In recent years I experienced pain, sickness, hurt, failures, loss, death, and more. But I also showed up for those things in new and better ways than I have in the past. It wasn’t easy, but I’m proud of who I became in the face of those challenges. I can hold my head high and say I’ve had some of my best ever years BECAUSE of, not in spite of the difficulties. And it’s made my successes all the sweeter.

This isn’t a magic wand.

This is a focused effort to bring your biggest hopes and dreams into being and FEEL GOOD doing it.

This is a way forward WHEN the challenges, obstacles, and storms of life set in so in the face of those things, it can still be the best ever!

I’m sure you’ve heard about other programs that say they can fix all your problems with one simple, tiny tool. You just need the perfect morning ritual or a habit of atomic proportions or the insert-any-other-methodology-to-fix-everything-that’s-wrong-with-the-world-today thing.

But here’s what NONE of those programs take into account: YOU.

Those are standard, off-the-shelf templates that don’t factor in who YOU ARE AUTHENTICALLY. They aren’t built for your unique, wonderful, amazing self. Period.

And that’s the real reason so many of those other things you’ve seen (and maybe tried) fall flat. You need something more flexible that is tailored to your personality, strengths, interests, and the many dimensions that make you authentically you.

I’m known for what I call EFFICIENT AUTHENTICITY. I’ve spoken at companies, conferences, and individuals about it. This is my passion! This way of moving through the world leads to:

  • The best version of you, your work, your year, and your life
  • More energy than you’ve ever had by doing more of what matters
  • Feeling good and doing good and having more FUN
  • Clear direction and focus to follow through providing better, more consistent results
  • Stronger relationships because your days filled with meaning, impact, fulfillment, and joy

Sound too good to be true? No way! I will teach you how to do this.

How? By taking the steps to truly move your work and life forward in a way that feels so aligned and so good that there is no other option than Best Ever. Feeling it? Me too!


Best Ever Logo 2023


  • You’re ready to go from meh to meaning, from overworked to overjoyed, and from frustrated to fulfilled!
  • You are done waiting for the life of your dreams in some far-off distant future and you’re ready to take action to make it happen now.
  • You want more time to do what you love, guilt-free.
  • You crave an authentic, meaningful existence.
  • You want to wake up every day knowing EXACTLY what moves the needle in core areas of your life – work, relationships, health, self-care, money, meaning, impact – and have the space to nurture those areas.
  • You are done with overwork and overwhelm. You want things to be easy and doable.
  • You want to be supported and guided in creating the best ever version of you, your work, and your life this year.
  • You know you are made for more and you are ready to claim it!
  • You want to be around others that are excited to grow from good to great and great to excellent.

When you choose your authentic path and you know it is the Best Ever, opportunities, meaning, and fulfillment naturally flow to you.

Your job: let go of the old stories that tell you you’re not enough, you have to work all the time, you can’t have the life you want right now.

In Best Ever, you’ll receive clarity on your vision for the future, actionable trainings from me, empowering challenges to complete, personalized coaching and feedback, co-working calls, and a powerful group container to support and encourage on your journey.


I’m ready for my Best Ever!


“I’m so glad I decided to participate in Best Ever this year. This has been the most impactful year of my career to date and it has put into focus the lifestyle I can build for myself and my family. I accomplished things this year that I used to think were ambitious for a 3-year plan, but here I am! I also made back my entire investment less than two months into the program and have been growing my business ever since!” – ‘Tine Z.

“I no longer have to wonder, “Will it work?” or “Will I stick with it?” because I can say a resounding “YES” to both questions. Best Ever was easy to follow and apply especially when my work and life were super busy. It kept me focused and making progress, even when everything else was chaotic. In fact, I was always pleasantly surprised how much more progress I made each month than I thought I had. I’m so glad I invested in my future – it was worth it!” – Colette M.

“Ally is amazing at what she does and very easy to connect with. I got so much value out of working with her. I highly recommend working with her!” – Mikaela C.




Our best ever year starts with the best ever visioning. You will discover the WOW that’s been missing so you can have more meaning, impact, fulfillment, and joy. Clarity on what best ever means to you is the ONLY way to start.


Practical strategies aligned to who you are, how you operate, and where you want to go guide the way to a best ever year. The how makes it clear and simple to move forward. We need boundaries to make sure we stay aligned with our vision.


Learning doesn’t create change without action, so you’ll be putting into practice everything we cover. And you’ll be encouraged and supported by me and the rest of the group as we spend the year taking action together! This will give you the confidence to move forward in BIG ways!


And speaking of taking action, you’ll be amazed at how much more action you’re inspired to take with the rest of your Best Ever besties cheering you on! It’s like the superhero KAPOW! that moves you forward quickly and efficiently. Don’t be surprised if you need to set new goals during the year because you’ve already accomplished more than you planned. Talk about KAPOW-er!


We’ll spend the year AND end the year celebrating your progress. Size doesn’t matter! We celebrate the big and the small wins equally. So get ready to take a bow for all that you’ve done and experienced in your Best Ever year.


You had me at WOW. I’m in!



  • Two months of Accelerated Learning + Coaching – we’ll kick off the year with weekly calls to accelerate your learning, dive deep on topics, and share with each other to activate the best ever you, work, year, and life of your dreams!
  • Monthly Masterminds – gather with the Best Ever cohort to share success and get advice on your challenges. There is huge power in having a group to support you and hold you accountable!
  • ALL Video Recordings + Workbooks – you decide if you’re joining live or by replay! Then, take the concepts we talk about each week and develop a personalized plan to implement them. You’ll have the clarity, boundaries, and confidence you need to move forward.
  • Three Quarterly Planning Calls + Workbooks – continue momentum, celebrate progress, and plan your best ever steps for the rest of the year. You can NEVER get too far off track because we regularly assess and adjust!
  • Six Expert Calls – we’ll gather regularly to learn and dive deep into topics that are important to you and your growth. 
  • A Year of Support + Connection + Masterminding – get private LinkedIn group access to share insights and progress, provide/receive encouragement, and inspire each other to be the best ever!
  • Best Ever Strategies – elevate you, your work, your year, and your life with vision mapping, meaningful rituals, impact assessments, and more.
  • Surprise Mailings – I don’t want to divulge all the details (it wouldn’t be a surprise then!) but you will receive cool/fun/interesting/surprising items in the mail over the year. These will not disappoint!
  • Share Your Success Finale Call – be seen, heard, and celebrated as your best ever year comes to a close.


Early Bird Bonuses 

  • BONUS #1: Access to 2 Bonus Expert Calls – get live AND recorded access to two more expert calls on 10/18/22 and 12/5/22 (and they are good!)
  • BONUS #2: Time Management Strategies for the Overworked – Tips to create more time in your days, weeks, and months while putting in less effort so you can actually enjoy the time you do have! 
  • BONUS #3: Call a Coach – you’ll receive one 30-minute bonus call with me to use when and how you want to help with any topic.
  • BONUS #4: Early Access Call – join me and the rest of your Best Ever cohort to get get to know each other, ask questions, and hear bonus tips on how to have a best ever year!
  • BONUS #5: Words to Live By – motivational quotes to start your day the best ever way or to give you a boost when you need a lift!
  • BONUS #6: Ally’s Recommended List – Don’t want to read a whole bunch of books to figure out which ones are the best? Ally’s done the hard work for you already! This list is filled with her favorite books, videos, resources, and epic ideas on money, meaning, impact and more!


VIP Upgrade for even more WOW

  • Get six additional one-hour 1:1 coaching calls throughout the year to stay laser-beam-focused on creating meaning, impact, fulfillment, and joy. Receive support and guidance, answers and examples specific to your you-nique dreams and goals.


Sounds Amazing… Hold My Spot!


The Best Ever Framework

This flexible framework enables you to accomplish a variety of vision-aligned goals with ease.


You can learn more about the framework here.


What happens after I register?

First, you and I will celebrate your decision! For me, that will include a little dancing. You decide how you want to celebrate!

Then you’ll receive an email from me with more information on logistics for the calls and tips to make sure you’re set up for success and ready for a best ever year.

How many people will be in it?

Space in this program is limited. I deliberately keep the group size small so that we have time to connect deeply. I want everyone to have a voice and feel supported by the group. We share our celebrations and our challenges together. Because of this approach, there are only 15 spots available.

What are the dates of Best Ever?

We will get the pre-party started on January 17th so we can get to know each other and start UN-packing for our journey ahead. Then, we’ll start accelerated learning January 31 – March 21 (with recordings available to watch or re-watch when it’s convenient for you). It’ll be focused training, coaching, connecting, AND taking action.

We’ll keep the momentum going with monthly mastermind gatherings and quarterly planning sessions to put a plan in place for best ever success on March 21, June 20, and September 19. At the end of the year we’ll come together again to celebrate successes and have a Best Ever Finale call on December 5. And in between each of these live events, we’ll share and support each other in our online community so you always have what you need at the click of a button.

TLDR? Here’s the calendar at-a-glance.

Who are the experts? 

Rest assured they are awesome people and presenters! I deliberately save room on the schedule to crowd-source some of the expert topics based on what is most valuable to each cohort, so when you join, you get to share your thoughts on what type of expert YOU want. All expert calls (and regular calls!) will be recorded and are included in your Best Ever access so you can watch or re-watch as many times as needed.

I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to do this?

Two things.

Thing one: Our learning mantra: There is no BEHIND. There is no AHEAD. There is only where you are right now. We all have enough to do on any given day, so we’re going to make this easy and doable.

Thing two: Best Ever helps you sidestep the “busy trap” so you have more room in your days for what matters and can easily say YES to what you want. Plus, you have access to the recordings for those days when work, life, and family things arise last minute and you need to adjust.

What is your refund policy?

I’m glad you asked. As a member of Best Ever, you are committed not just to this experience, but most importantly, to the other amazing people who will come to depend on your support, energy and insight (as you will theirs).

When you commit to making change, you must follow that decision through to the very end. Please know that the commitment you are making is not only to yourself, your fellow participants, me and this process, but that it is also a non-cancelable, non-refundable legal and financial commitment. If you aren’t comfortable with this level of commitment, do not sign up. Leaping to your best ever you, work, year, and life requires faith, dedication and action, and I will guide you to put all of these elements to work for your benefit. That is my commitment to you. And in case you’re wondering, I’ve NEVER had anyone ask for a Best Ever refund!

I want to join, but I’m kinda scared.

Just so you know, anytime I say yes to something that I know is aligned with who I am authentically, I get scared. I get that BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH feeling.

I used to let that feeling hold me BACK from saying yes. Then I learned that that feeling was actually a SIGN that I was on the right track! I learned to FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLIES into my next chapter of growth. It’s been an amazing ride. I have a regular amount of fear (turns out it’s EXCITEMENT!) pretty much every day. AND I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Pay attention to those points on your JOURNEY where you have strong feelings. Know this: it’s up to YOU to follow that feeling. I’m so confident that once you walk through the doors of Best Ever you won’t look back. We’ve got you!

Are there options beyond the payment plan?

I’m committed to making my programs accessible to all. I am offering three scholarships to Best Ever (apply here). Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received, so if you’re serious and committed to this program, apply early. And don’t worry, the scholarship application is as easy as 1-2-3!

What else do people say about working with Ally?

“Ally was the perfect coach for me! She is easy to talk to, accepting and patient, but was ready to push me when I needed it. The whole process from start to finish was smooth, straight forward and very insightful. I learned so much about what I was passionate about in my career and, with her help, pushing higher instead of lateral.”

“Working with Ally over the past year was great from start to finish. I can’t thank Ally enough.”

“I lost my mojo. Nothing excited me anymore and I wasn’t sure what the next right step was for me career-wise, but I knew I had to take some action. Enter Ally. I took a leap of faith… The intangible shift in attitude, outlook, and confidence- the mojo that I had lost- Ally helped me find again.”

“Ally is the first person I “call” when I need career help or advise. Every conversation with Ally is upbeat, thoughtful, and actionable. Her career coaching toolbox is filled with valuable tools to help accelerate even the most tenured professional’s careers.”

“I am forever grateful for working with you!!! Know that you are changing lives for the better every day!!!”


You answered my q’s (and then some!), I’m ready for Best Ever!


What if I have a question that’s not answered here?

Great! Please send an email to help@workauthentically.com and we’ll get your question answered right away.


Join Best Ever now, before the limited spots fill up!

You’ll receive a year of coaching + training + connection + masterminding + support + aligned action-taking along with access to call recordings, private LinkedIn group, expert calls, and more to support you authentically as you create your best ever you, work, year, and life. Get clarity, boundaries, and confidence to make your biggest dreams a reality!

Other Year-Long Programs = $10,000+

Best Ever = 12 payments of only $499 OR Save 20% with a single payment of $4,995


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Hi I’m Ally. In addition to coaching mid-career professionals to create more money, meaning, & impact with ease, I love cats, hiking, thrift shopping, and decluttering. I have a fancy corporate bio if you’re into those kinds of details, but here’s what you really want to know.

I suffered a crisis of meaning several years ago that caused me to quit my amazing corporate job, question everything I thought I knew, and start rebuilding a life I wanted to live from the ground up.

I read and listened to as many things as I could get my hands on, I talked to all sorts of people, but I discovered that what I really needed didn’t exist in any format. That’s why I developed my Best Ever program incorporating everything I learned from my experience to build a best of breed model for combating the malaise of a meh life.

You’re not crazy for wondering if there’s more for you. You’re not ungrateful for feeling like your day-to-day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You have every right to hope for a version of you, work, family, and life BEYOND your wildest dreams!

My mission is to transform the world by helping as many people as possible live and work authentically. LET’S DO THIS!


Join Best Ever now!

You’ll receive a year of coaching + training + connection + masterminding + support + aligned action-taking along with access to call recordings, private LinkedIn group, pop-up expert calls, and more to support you authentically as you create your best ever you, work, year, and life. Get clarity, boundaries, and confidence to make your biggest dreams a reality!

Other Year-Long Programs = $10,000+

Best Ever = 12 payments of only $499 OR Save 20% with a single payment of $4,995

OR get the VIP upgrade with 6 personalized coaching calls for only $5,990!


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Looking for the VIP Upgrade, payment plan, or need something else? Just send an email to help@workauthentically.com and we’ll take expert care of you.