Next Level Success Coaching

Ready to take your career to the next level?

Get personalized, individual coaching from Ally Bubb, MBA through a 6-month coaching program designed to surface your authentic vision of success, grow your confidence, and take action to bring your vision to life. We zero in on what’s been holding you back and work through strategies to break through to create more money, meaning and impact so you can move into your next level of success!

Are you a busy professional with no time to spare? Perfect! We focus on doing LESS to create more money, meaning and impact. All the activities are designed to be easy and wherever possible, can be incorporated into your existing schedule.

Next Level Success coaching clients typically experience promotions, increased salary, reduced stress and frustration, improved confidence and ability to own their value, a compelling personal brand that aligns with their vision, and communicating a remarkable career story in any interaction.

Whether you’ve been trying to get a promotion for months or you’re ready for a new role or challenge, Next Level Success can help you get there!


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  • Activities specific to you to accelerate and enable your next level success (may include resume and LinkedIn strategies, review, and update, developing your elevator pitch, executive presence, bio review/update, strategies to grow your network, etc.)
  • Nine 1-hour coaching calls to discuss insights, remove blocks, celebrate progress, and more
  • Unlimited email access to Ally throughout coaching engagement for questions, clarifications, and on-the-spot coaching
  • Strategy and plan to make your biggest goals happen, including exploration of your vision to identify potential roadblocks and mitigate them while challenging you to accelerate progress
  • Personal Brand Power Worksheet and visioning session to capture your insights, and serve as a compass pointing toward your future
  • Building personal resilience coaching and techniques to reduce stress, overwhelm, and sleeplessness, while improving decision making and innovation
  • Consistent accountability, using tools supported by science, to create momentum and support your progress

Success Is Waiting for YOU

Don’t be like so many professionals waiting for success to come to them. Instead, take action the easy way with coaching so you can claim the success that is waiting for you!


Ally was the perfect coach for me! She is easy to talk to, accepting and patient, but was ready to push me when I needed it. The whole process from start to finish was smooth, straight forward and very insightful. I learned so much about what I was passionate about in my career and, with her help, pushing higher instead of lateral.” – P.H.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens after I register?

First, you and I will celebrate your decision! For me, that will include a little dancing. You decide how you want to celebrate!

Then you’ll receive an email from me with a welcome packet including a link so you can schedule your first coaching call.


I’ve never done coaching before. What’s it like?

Coaching can be a transformational experience and most people are pleasantly surprised by how much more quickly they are able to make progress when working with a coach. A fresh set of eyes and a fresh perspective on big and small challenges can accelerate your growth. Of course, you get out of the program what you put into it so I’d encourage you to set aside 1-3 hours a week to give yourself the bandwidth to reflect and take action.


What do people say who have been through the program?

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s what just a few of my happy clients have said:

“Ally is an understanding and skilled career coach. She met me where I was, so I felt like the experience was tailored for me.” – L.H.

“I highly recommend Ally’s services if you’re seeking to secure a seat in the next level of your career.” – K.H. 

“Ally is amazing at what she does and very easy to connect with. I got so much value out of working with her.” – M.C. 


Can I still get started right away if I pick the payment plan option?

Absolutely! Regardless of which payment option you choose, you will receive a welcome packet and link to schedule your first coaching call, so you can get started at a time that is convenient for you.


Is this going to be worth my investment?

Let’s contextualize the cost in the bigger picture. Since everyone’s situation is different, for easy round numbers let’s say you’re making $100,000 a year at your current job. In that instance, the cost of this program is less than a 4% bonus or salary increase. Many of my clients discover that when they participate in the program and take intentional career action, they more than make up their original investment. And that doesn’t even factor in the non-quantifiable benefits like increased confidence or reduced stress. For the value you get, it’s a relatively small investment in you.


What is your refund policy?

When you commit to making change and going after your next level of success, you must be willing to follow that decision through to the very end. Please know that the commitment you are making is not only to yourself, me, and this process, but that it is also a non-cancelable, non-refundable legal and financial commitment. If you aren’t comfortable with this level of commitment, do not sign up. Next Level Success doesn’t just happen on its own, it requires faith, dedication and action, and I will guide you to put all of these elements to work for your benefit. That is my commitment to you.


What if I have a question that’s not answered here?

Great! Please send an email to and we’ll get your question answered as soon as possible.