Summer Camp for Leaders



  • Do you know you need to do something different to get big career results, but you’re not sure where to start?
  • Are you ready to put an end to exhaustion and overwork?
  • Does the thought of updating your resume and LinkedIn profile, and preparing for the job search fill you with boredom (or dread)?
  • Are you uncomfortable or unable to confidently answer the questions, “What do you do?” and “Tell me a little bit about yourself”?
  • Have you been putting off updating your career story for more than a month or two?
  • Do you wonder if your personal brand is taking you where you want to go or if it’s keeping you stuck in the past?
  • Does your busy schedule keep you from doing the things you know you need to for yourself and your career?
  • Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and have your resume and LinkedIn profile updated?
  • Are you ready for your next career challenge, but unclear on how to make it happen?



Here’s the Deal:

You CAN create a compelling career story, supported by a powerful personal brand, and you can do it all with EASE.

Being clear on the amazing work you do and communicating it to others are THE ways to get there. I know it’s been on the bottom of your to-do list (probably for a long time!), but you need to decide that you’re finally going to take control of your career, get centered and focused, and go after that promotion or new job you’ve been dreaming of. AND it’s up to you to say:


I call it claiming your authentic career story. This is the key to believing that the story of the amazing work you do is worth telling. 

Let’s be real: No one wants to update their career story. No one is sitting around with loads of free time, able to meditate and take intentional action without interruptions. No one dreams of spending their Saturday night working on their LinkedIn profile. No one skips brunch with their family to strategize on their personal brand. Why not? 

  • There are too many urgent tasks that need your attention 
  • Feeling so stressed you don’t know where to start with your career story 
  • Fear of bragging or fear of being seen by others as bragging 
  • Believing that your work will speak for itself 
  • Feeling creepy or sales-y talking about your work 
  • Not knowing how to tell a compelling career story and feeling overwhelmed every time you try to start


It’s time to change all that.




Hi! I’m Ally Bubb. I’m an executive coach who LOVES helping people step into more money, meaning, and impact with ease. I developed a deep understanding of how to navigate the corporate world over 20 years working as a woman in technology. 

You know what I did for fun in corporate? When I found out someone I knew was thinking about applying for a job (internal or external), I’d help them re-write their resumes. I’d say, “Let’s meet for coffee. You bring your resume and I’ll bring my red pen. It’ll be fun!” Later, when they made it on to the rounds of interviews, I’d meet them again to conduct mock interviews and provide feedback. I’d say, “This is your dream job! You don’t want to go into that interview cold! Meet me for coffee and we’ll practice some questions.”

You want to hear the crazy part? I had no clue that other people didn’t find this kind of work FUN! 

So when I was ready to leave my corporate job behind, executive career coach was the logical next step for me. I could continue doing work that I found fun, while helping make a task that most people find awful into something enjoyable.

Wait, did I just say that things like your resume, LinkedIn, job searching, interviewing, and personal brand can be enjoyable? 

Oh yes I did!


I bring the fun and easy to everything I teach because there is nothing worse than sitting through yet another boring Zoom call on a topic that you are trying desperately to understand, if only the teacher would say even one. Interesting. Sentence.

There are lots of programs where you can learn some information on pieces of your career story. And if you stitch together enough of them, you MIGHT be able to cobble an OK career story together.

But here’s what NONE of those programs take into account: YOU

Those programs are about the pieces, like which fields help optimize your LinkedIn profile or how many pages to include on a resume. They aren’t about telling a holistic, you-nique career story.

That’s why those solutions don’t deliver the results you want. That’s the reason you dread having to update each piece. They are focused on the tool, rather than on you and your career story. 

I want you to WANT to own your career story so you can have FUN sharing it. And I want you to do it with EASE. No stress, no fear. Just talking about the work you do in a way that other people respond to. 

That’s also why I became a certified HeartMath mentor. I know how difficult it is to balance the responsibilities of a full-time job along with quality time with family and friends. I sought out and got trained in proven techniques to bring more ease into daily life because I wanted that for myself and I wanted to share it with everyone I work with.

I’m known for what I call EFFICIENT AUTHENTICITY. I’ve spoken to companies, conferences, and individuals about it. This is my passion. This way of moving through the world leads to:


  • Feeling better more often
  • Refining your communication skills
  • Enhanced decision making and creativity
  • Stronger personal and professional relationships
  • More fun
  • Defining your authentic career story 

I will teach you how to do this. How? By starting with you and your unique personality, strengths, and interests and then adding in the must-have pieces of a compelling story. And let’s throw in getting it DONE quickly while having FUN. Feeling it? Me too!

Welcome to:


  • You are done with overwork and overwhelm. You want things to be easy and doable.
  • You want to have an expert share the key information you need to know to address your challenges and move on quickly, without having to spend a ton of time researching it all. 
  • You know you are doing awesome work and you are ready to share it with others to create new opportunities.
  • You are thinking about the next promotion or job that is out there for you and want to pursue it.
  • You are a go-getter, but have been focusing on delivering results, rather than on your career.
  • You’re ready to tell a better, more compelling career story.
  • You want to (finally!) take some time just for you.


When you say yes to Summer Camp for Leaders, you are reclaiming your time, your talents, and most importantly, your authentic story, which creates new opportunities for you. Your job is to hear the easy-to-use tips and apply them as we work together. In Summer Camp for Leaders, you’ll receive actionable trainings from me, empowering challenges to complete, personalized coaching and feedback, handouts to boost your learning, and a supportive group container to encourage you on your journey. The rest of this page gives you a feel for the Summer Camp for Leaders experience. 



“I am so grateful to have worked with Ally!  I can speak and write about my talents, performance, and impact with more confidence, clarity, and ~joy~.  This has shown up most recently in my writing and oral presentation in my annual performance review, interviews, and promotional negotiations.  It all stemmed from Ally’s 3-prong approach:  know and own your added value, articulate your career story, and integrate these in your professional networking. I highly recommend Ally’s services if you’re seeking to secure a seat in the next level of your career.”



“The personal resiliency class led by Ally Bubb taught me strategies to prepare and adapt for the stress in my life.  Using these strategies has helped me stay calm during challenging times.  I am aware of my mental and emotional battery and can focus on activities to help me recharge.  I recommend this class for all leaders wanting to improve their response in difficult situations and maximize efficiency at work and home.



“Ally was the perfect coach for me! She is easy to talk to, accepting and patient, but was ready to push me when I needed it. The whole process from start to finish was smooth, straight forward and very insightful. I learned so much about what I was passionate about in my career and, with her help, pushing higher instead of lateral. I ended up with a career story I’m proud to share. I’m very satisfied with everything and highly recommend Ally!”



“Working with Ally Bubb makes the chore of updating a resume, LinkedIn Profile and changing how you think about presenting your professional self to the world a pleasurable learning experience. Ally is energetic, fun and really knows how to get into the inner core and pull out those amazing attributes, skills and competencies that are you and what employers are looking for. I would highly recommend investing in yourself and trusting Ally to bring out your authentic self for your professional profile.”




Stay Afloat With Resilience
for Work & Life

Do you struggle with worry, overwhelm, and anxiousness? Has the pressure of your many responsibilities impacted your sleep or caused you fatigue? Are you feeling stress a significant or majority of the time? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these, Stay Afloat With Resilience for Work & Life is for you!

Get ready to reverse the negative impact stress is having on your health, work and quality of life. You’ll be guided through scientifically-proven techniques for reducing stress, frustration, and overwhelm so you can experience improved resilience, relationships, and relaxation.

Learn More

Arts & Crafts:
Build A Compelling
Career Story

Are you unsure how to share your career story with others? Wondering if your skills rival all the highly motivated, results-driven professionals out there? Maybe you’re tired of getting passed over for promotions or interesting assignments? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these, Build A Compelling Career Story is for you!

You’ll finally understand how to tell your career story to stand out from the crowd, wow peers and prospective employers, and land the job or promotion of your dreams! This class gives you the tips and tools you need to build your best career story. 

learn more

Target Your Personal
Brand Power

Do you hope your work to speaks for itself? Have you been working with the same people for more than two years? Do you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself? Are you worried about sounding creepy or sales-y sharing your work? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these, Target Your Personal Brand Power is for you!

Your personal brand is directly tied to your success, so you need to be strategic as you craft and share your powerful message. Whether you have never thought about your personal brand before or are ready to refresh and improve what you have, you’ll be prepared. 

learn more



All the Summer Camp for Leaders Mini Camps will be amazing and include:

  • Live Training and Coaching – weekly virtual calls to provide valuable, fast, and easy learning on each topic.
  • Actionable Information – tips, tricks, and techniques that you can start using immediately.
  • Helpful Handouts – specific to each camp program and designed to support your learning during and serve as a reference as you implement each concept.
  • Support, Connection, and Q&A – get access to a private LinkedIn group to share progress, provide and receive encouragement, and ask questions!


  • Bonus #1: Video Recordings – you decide if you’re joining live or by replay! 
  • Bonus #2: Live Q&A Coaching Call – Once Summer Camp for Leaders ends and you’ve had time to try out all the tips and techniques, join Ally for a BONUS coaching call to get your specific questions answered.
  • Bonus #3: Ally’s Top 5 S’mores Recipes – this is summer camp after all!
  • SURPRISE Bonus #4: Keep Your Career Story Current – guide with what common updates you should make and when to do it. This guide takes all of the guess work out of it so you always have a polished career story ready to go.


BIRTHDAY MONTH BONUSES (sign up by 5/31)

  • Bonus #1: Special Payment Plan – Get the All-Access Pass for 3 monthly payments of $398.34.
  • Bonus #2: Top 6 Career Myths Holding You Back – For the first 10 people to sign up in May! 
  • Bonus #3: Free 30-minute Individual Coaching Session – Be entered into a raffle for a chance to win (for the first 10 people to sign up in May)


Summer camp is more fun with your friends. Plus, we won’t be holding camp unless at least 5 campers sign up, so bring a friend and get ready to learn!


What happens after I register?

First, you and I will celebrate your decision! Imaginary confetti rains down from the sky!

Then you’ll receive an email from me with more information on logistics for the calls and tips to make sure you’re ready for an awesome Summer Camp for Leaders.

What are the dates of Summer Camp for Leaders?

The fun starts June 16th and goes through July 21st. The specific dates of each camp will be shared based on which activities you sign up for (with recordings available to watch or re-watch when it’s convenient for you). The bonus Live Q&A Coaching Call will be on August 3rd.

What is the All-Access Pass?

I’m so glad you asked! Since all the Mini Camp options in Summer Camp for Leaders are incredibly beneficial, it can be hard to choose only one. That’s why the All-Access pass exists! When you select that option, you get access to every single call, recording, and handout across all the topics covered during Summer Camp for Leaders. It’s an incredible value for all the career information you receive.

Will Summer Camp for Leaders work with my schedule?

We meet for 60 minutes on each call. Ally will be sharing her expertise and you can participate as much or as little as you want. You can use that hour to eat lunch, enjoy a snack or break, or escape from a meeting you dread. Or you can join via replay if that works better. You do you!

I’m worried other people/my co-workers will think I want to leave my job if I sign up. What should I tell them?

What happens at summer camp, stays at summer camp! You’ll find a group of supportive, encouraging people here. Plus, you can share that you’re doing this work so you can be a better employee right now, today. The more clearly you can communicate the value you bring to your organization, the more helpful it is for everyone you work with.

I want to bring a friend. Do I get anything?

You absolutely do! You get the joy of attending camp with a friend, while learning and making memories together. And if that weren’t enough, you also get a FREE copy of your choice of one of the four e-books Ally has published. Simply contact to let us know you’re both signed up.

I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to do this?

Summer Camp for Leaders was designed with busy professionals in mind! The program gives you the most essential information you need to take action so you can be done and get back to your busy day. Remember: It’s never going to be a “good” time to prioritize yourself, your learning, and your career. The truth is, we make time everyday for those things that we most want to do. Plus, you have access to the recordings for those days when work, life, and family things arise last minute and you need to adjust.

What is your refund policy?

I’m glad you ask. No refunds are available, but you can transfer your Summer Camp for Leaders access to another person if you are no longer able to participate in the program.

What if I have a question that’s not answered here?

Great! Please send an email to and we’ll get your question answered as soon as possible.



Join Summer Camp for Leaders today!

You’ll receive a summer of coaching, training, connection, and support along with access to call recordings, private LinkedIn group, helpful handouts, and more to guide you as you create a compelling career story, supported by a powerful personal brand, and you can do it all with EASE!

Swimming: Stay Afloat With Resilience for Work & Life = $595

Arts & Crafts: Build A Compelling Career Story = $595

Archery: Target Your Personal Brand Power = $595


Total Cost for All Mini Camps = $1,785.00

All-Access Pass = $995

Get access to EVERY Mini Camp, handout, call, recording, and MORE while saving hundreds!


I’m So Ready


Coach Ally Bubb having fun by a campfire



Hey! I’m Ally. In addition to coaching mid-career professionals to create more money, meaning, & impact with ease, I love cats, thrift shopping, and decluttering. I have a fancy corporate bio if you’re into those kinds of details, but here’s what you really want to know.

As a working professional with two kids, I know how hard it can be to get a moment to yourself. Every single thing I share in Summer Camp for Leaders has been proven effective. It’s the fastest, easiest way for you to get results and get back to your busy life.

You don’t need one more class where you feel like you’re falling behind and constantly adding to your overly long to-do list. You don’t need some boring lecture. You don’t more guilt about not having done this work already. So we’re not going to do that.

I specialize in making all of the learning easy. And FUN! This is summer, after all.

I’ll bring my expertise and my above average enthusiasm. You bring you and together we’ll grow your personal resilience, create a compelling career story, and develop a powerful personal brand. Hot dog mustache optional (but why wouldn’t you?).




Join Summer Camp for Leaders today!

You’ll receive a summer of coaching, training, connection, and support along with access to call recordings, private LinkedIn group, helpful handouts, and more to guide you as you create a compelling career story, supported by a powerful personal brand, and you can do it all with EASE!

Swimming: Stay Afloat With Resilience for Work & Life = $595

Arts & Crafts: Build A Compelling Career Story = $595

Archery: Target Your Personal Brand Power = $595


Total Cost for All Mini Camps = $1,785.00

All-Access Pass = $995

Get access to EVERY Mini Camp, handout, call, recording, and MORE!


I’m So Ready


Or, pick from one or more of the individual Mini Camps below. 


Swimming: Stay Afloat With Resilience for Work & Life = $595  BUY NOW

Arts & Crafts: Build A Compelling Career Story = $595  BUY NOW

Archery: Target Your Personal Brand Power = $595  BUY NOW


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