Lots of clocks

We think of the perfect solution to a problem we’re facing. Maybe a wonderful opportunity presents itself to us. A person offers to help us out with something… but we say no because it’s “bad timing”. Sound familiar?

It should. We’re all guilty of using timing as an excuse not to move forward. Before we take action we want conditions to be just right. We want to feel ready. We want the timing to be perfect.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as perfect timing.

I’m having some home improvements done at my house right now. Like any improvement project, it’s loud, disruptive, and requires a lot of time and energy to ensure it goes smoothly. And we’re doing this while my kids are virtual learning from home. And my spouse is working from home. And I’m running a business from home.

There is nothing perfect about the timing. It’s simply the only time we’ve been able to get this to happen over the course of the past year.

Sure, we could postpone the project further. But we also know that the project is exactly what we need to solve a few big challenges we’ve been facing. Rather than wait for perfect timing, we’ve decided to move forward. Waiting longer only prolongs the pain and extends the time we deal with those same challenges.

Deferring the work doesn’t create perfect timing. It only creates an excuse for us to not do what would be most helpful to us.

I want to encourage anyone right now that’s been holding off on making a career change because it’s bad timing because here’s the secret. It’s never going to be perfect timing. It won’t ever be ideal conditions. But starting now, imperfect timing and all, WILL help you get where you want to go sooner than if you wait.

Waiting for perfect timing only guarantees you’ll be waiting for a really long time.

#PositiveAction Start something you’ve been putting off doing because it’s been “bad timing”!

Looking to learn more? Check out When by Daniel Pink (affiliate link).


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay