One of my best friends got a job offer last week. He is one of the most amazing, highly skilled, ridiculously awesome people I’ve ever met and any company would be super fortunate to have him on their team.

It took him 8 months to find this job. Eight!

If a Rockstar like him needs the better part of a year to get a new job, what hope is there for the rest of us? And why would it take that long for someone with an awesome skillset to find a job?

Well, timing. The pandemic hit only a month into his search and many companies stopped hiring in the short-term as they figured out the whole work-from-home thing. And by the time everything was figured out enough, then it was summer, a time when there are far fewer postings due to holidays/vacations.

Process plays a role too. Many (I’d argue most!) companies have outdated, burdensome, non-applicant-centric hiring processes.

But by far, the biggest factor was people, and more specifically, the ways we need to interact during the job search.

Job searching is like… dating

Job searching is basically like dating, but far more awful. It’s meeting a bunch of random strangers and hoping that you hit it off with even one. It’s engaging in polite small talk and trying to keep your problems hidden until later. It’s being charming and witty and amazing and then never hearing from them again!

With job searching you get all the awkwardness and pain, but none of the dinner and drinks reward (and let’s be honest, food is a HUGE motivator for most of us!). At least with dating, you have the possibility of someone buying you a meal!

Even with all the technology in place in the job search process, remember that people are the final decision-makers and people don’t always make rational decisions. There are politics, and management philosophies, and company culture, and team dynamics and whole lot of other things at play for Every. Single. Job. Posting. And there is no visibility or transparency into those things. Often, an “it’s-not-you-it’s-me” response has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with all those invisible forces at work.

My friend managed to slog through the dead-ends and disappointments of the job search, while keeping his sense of humor in tact (a must for dating AND job searching!) and eventually found a perfect role for his exact skillset.

So just like dating, the best approach is to keep putting yourself out there and waiting for the right one to come along. It will, and you’ll be glad you didn’t settle!

#PositiveAction Hit the apply button to one (more!) job this week. You never know when you’ll find “the one”!!

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This year has been challenging personally, professionally, politically, socially, financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And it’s only September! It feels like I’ve been running into the same brick wall over and over again.

And yet, I’m grateful for the lessons that I’m learning this year. Almost nothing has gone as planned. Almost nothing has been easy. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been useful or powerful or necessary.

I’ve been given the chance to re-think everything I thought I knew to be true in life, work, family, and volunteer spaces. I’ve had the opportunity to try out new approaches for my business. I’ve delivered education and presentations in new-for-me formats. I’ve slowed down in some regards and hit the accelerator in other ways. There has been uncertainty, but also possibility.

As we near the final quarter of the year that I’m leaning into one of my favorite movie quotes (Tom Hanks as Coach Jimmy Dugan in A League of Their Own) “It’s supposed to be hard. The hard is what makes it great.”

We sometimes forget that the best things in life aren’t easy, especially because we are inundated with articles that promise to fix our lives in 3 easy steps. Easy sells.

No one wants to fix their life with the most challenging, difficult steps. But that’s the space where transformation happens. That’s where we learn and grow the most. Easy doesn’t stretch your limits. Easy doesn’t show you what you’re made of. Easy doesn’t find new and better ways forward.

I’m grateful for the challenges and opportunities this year has brought. I’m grateful for the present. And I’m excited for the future.

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In a year that can best be described as an out-of-control dumpster fire, the only thing you can control is your perspective. Give thanks for the challenges as much as the wins!

#PositiveAction Look for the possibility within your challenge. Turn your obstacle into opportunity!


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How do we change?

We already know the three biggest barriers to change since we spent the last 3 weeks talking about them.

So then, what’s stopping us? That’s right, nothing!

Except, for many of us, it’s still something.

Change is hard and tricky to navigate. We don’t always know what to do next. That’s where knowledge becomes critical. We can face our fear and stop our bodies and brains from overreacting. We can rally support around us by asking for help. But then what?

We need a practical system that is easy to follow in order to make change happen. Enter the Change Conqueror virtual workshop! It has all the tools you need to bring about any change you want to see in work or life! You’ll learn:

  1. The mindset needed for change to happen
  2. What change requires and what change creates
  3. Easy-to-use ACTION plan to start changing today!

It’s all packaged together in one 90-minute workshop that you can watch live or catch the replay when it’s convenient for you. Fall is the perfect time to usher in changes, large and small, as nature reminds us through changing leaves and changing weather. Change is happening. You can be more than in control of it. You can be a Change Conqueror!

#PositiveAction Identify one change you’d like to make at work or home and get started today!

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What makes change easier?

As I shared in my post on Change and Body, I’m an improver at heart. 

On the plus side, it helps me enjoy the process of change. On the minus side, it means I’m never satisfied. There’s always something else to be tweaked, updated, or tinkered with. When I harness this power for good, it helps me refine and improve; when used by the perfectionistic demon that follows me around all day perched on my shoulder, it wreaks havoc.

Yes, all our strengths can also be weaknesses if we let them.

This is where a good support system comes in. I have some people in my life that I can trust to be honest with me. They will tell me if I’m over-improving, allowing my perfectionist tendencies to interfere with progress, or if I’m just plain being an idiot! And I love them for it.

What makes change easier? Friends! We all need BFFs, whether you call them friends, buddies, pals, or even work proximity associates

Yes, friends are fun to chat with, but they are also an in-built source of accountability. When we tell other people about something we’re working toward, we are WAY less likely to bail on that plan when it gets hard, because we know our friends (at least our real ones!) will ask about it. They help us stay the course and provide support when we’re struggling. They care about how we’re doing. They’re willing to help us when we need it. Basically, involving your friends makes ANY change a whole lot easier to manage.*

We are entering the season of change as summer transforms to winter and I’ve got exactly what you need if you’re ready for a change. It’s a 90-minute Change Conqueror virtual workshop designed to help you tackle any change you want to make in work or life (whether you’ve chosen change or not!).

#PositiveAction Reach out to 1-3 friends to share something important where you could use some extra accountability. You’ll be glad you did when you hit your goal!

*If that hasn’t been your experience, you may need to find a new support group… and lucky for you, I have just the group in mind!


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Why is change so hard?

Even when you want the change to happen, it’s challenging. Last week, we talked about how our bodies can interfere with our best intentions to change.  This week we’re talking about our brains.

I wish I could tell you that our brains are smarter than our bodies, but when we’re talking about change, I can’t. Our brain is just as likely to freak out as our body when we are faced with something new (and all change is some form of newness!!).

Rather than a physical reaction, though, our brains try to reason with us by telling us stories. Stories like: You don’t have time for this right now. You aren’t <fill in the blank> enough. Your family is counting on you and you’ll let them down. And there are plenty more stories where those came from!

Why is change so hard? Because of the brain. Basically, your brain is trying to talk you out of doing the new thing because it’s totally panicked at the thought of the new thing. Remember, this happens regardless of whether you initiate/choose the change or whether the change has been forced upon you.

So what do we do?

We need to give our brain enough familiar stuff that it gets OK with the amount of newness. You wouldn’t want to get married, move across the country, and start a new job all in the same week (although I’ve got friends who have done it and thrive despite the challenges they faced!). You want to limit the amount of newness where possible.

A quick fix: Give yourself more familiar, comfortable situations, people, and physical things to help soothe your brain and allow it to relax so it’s less resistant to the change or new thing. In the past 6 months while embracing lots of newness, I’ve used old shows, music, pictures, and books (just to name a few familiar things!) to help me. 

You’ll find that when you do, your brain will stop spinning stories for you and will get on board with the change! 

#PositiveAction Find some familiarity to stop the change-freak-out in your brain while your comfort zone expands! 

Exciting News: The Change Conqueror 90-minute virtual workshop has returned for fall! Just as the leaves begin to change, we will work through change together to accomplish your biggest goals and dreams! Learn more and register today!


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