Why is change so hard?

Even when you want the change to happen, it’s challenging. Last week, we talked about how our bodies can interfere with our best intentions to change.  This week we’re talking about our brains.

I wish I could tell you that our brains are smarter than our bodies, but when we’re talking about change, I can’t. Our brain is just as likely to freak out as our body when we are faced with something new (and all change is some form of newness!!).

Rather than a physical reaction, though, our brains try to reason with us by telling us stories. Stories like: You don’t have time for this right now. You aren’t <fill in the blank> enough. Your family is counting on you and you’ll let them down. And there are plenty more stories where those came from!

Why is change so hard? Because of the brain. Basically, your brain is trying to talk you out of doing the new thing because it’s totally panicked at the thought of the new thing. Remember, this happens regardless of whether you initiate/choose the change or whether the change has been forced upon you.

So what do we do?

We need to give our brain enough familiar stuff that it gets OK with the amount of newness. You wouldn’t want to get married, move across the country, and start a new job all in the same week (although I’ve got friends who have done it and thrive despite the challenges they faced!). You want to limit the amount of newness where possible.

A quick fix: Give yourself more familiar, comfortable situations, people, and physical things to help soothe your brain and allow it to relax so it’s less resistant to the change or new thing. In the past 6 months while embracing lots of newness, I’ve used old shows, music, pictures, and books (just to name a few familiar things!) to help me. 

You’ll find that when you do, your brain will stop spinning stories for you and will get on board with the change! 

#PositiveAction Find some familiarity to stop the change-freak-out in your brain while your comfort zone expands! 

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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