Conquer Stress and Overwork When the Heat Is On: Simple Strategies to Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected


I know most of you are no strangers to stress and overwork.

It’s an ever present feature of our modern work and lives.

No matter how intentional you are, stress is unavoidable.

So this is a collection of lots of different ideas and strategies you can use to conquer stress and overwork when the heat is on so you can stay cool, calm, and collected.

Simple Strategies to Conquer Stress and Overwork

  1. Quick Coherence to calm your body and mind and get back to your heart (watch the Results that Count video) and access a Quick Coherence audio here
  2. DRESS for Success – Excerpt from my upcoming book!
  3. Create time and space for innovation
  4. Find the meaning in what you’re doing. It can reduce your stress almost instantaneously.
  5. When you’re stressed and exhausted, you might not be able to see the success within the mess that is the chaos of a hurricane that is your life. Here’s some lessons I learned from the pandemic when I had the opportunity (aka was forced) to teach my kids at home for eternity. I mean several months. It was a successful failure.
  6. Are you ready if a layoff happens? This is what you need to do.
  7. Take Comfort in What Brings You Comfort – and during times of high stress and change, we all need MORE comfort!
  8. Whatever the question, slippers are the answer! Or more accurately, it’s about figuring out small things that can make a big difference for you. But also, slippers.
  9. Less Is More – no explanation needed!
  10. When nothing seems to be going as smoothly or as easily as you’d like, get unstuck quickly
  11. Say Yes to something that you normally wouldn’t. You’ll be surprised at the opportunities that can create for you!
  12. And of course, there are also plenty of times when you need to reclaim your time and your sanity by saying, “No”.
  13. Be more kind. You’ll never get better advice than that of Mr. Rogers. When the heat is on, sprinkle kindness on everything and see what changes!


More than anything, being intentional when you have too much to do (which is probably ALL THE TIME!) can make a huge difference in how you’re able to respond so you can conquer stress and overwork. 



Image by Daniel Sampaio Donate if you want (Paypal) from Pixabay

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