Money Growing

This is part one of a 3-part series where we get real about what people most want from their work: money, meaning, and impact.

Most of us don’t want more money just to HAVE more money. We want to DO something with it. Buying a house, investing, getting the couch of your dreams, shopping local, helping a friend or family member, giving generously to a cause you care about. Those are the things we do with money.

And it’s a whole lot easier to do those things when we have more of it!

We go to work to get money in exchange for our time and expertise, but we use that money at home and out in the community, as well as in the broader global economy.

And even though money is a primary driver in us going to work (along with meaning and impact), we rarely talk about it in productive ways. Entire libraries of books have been written on money, how to manage it, how to use it, how to create more of it, how to change your thoughts and behaviors around it. The list goes on.

The place you work isn’t giving you money because they are generous. They are giving you money because you create value for them.

But if we try to talk about money (and most women don’t when it comes to negotiating or asking for more) we’re focused on the wrong part. We’re thinking about the money. NOT the value. So the conversation doesn’t go the way we’d hoped.

Instead, when you approach the conversation from a place a value it shifts the focus to what the organization is getting, rather than what they are giving. When you frame it from a value perspective, it’s a lot easier to see why you’re worth so much.

#PositiveAction Start or add on to a list of all the value you create for your workplace. You’ll be ready for the next conversation you have on money.




Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay