How do we change?

We already know the three biggest barriers to change since we spent the last 3 weeks talking about them.

So then, what’s stopping us? That’s right, nothing!

Except, for many of us, it’s still something.

Change is hard and tricky to navigate. We don’t always know what to do next. That’s where knowledge becomes critical. We can face our fear and stop our bodies and brains from overreacting. We can rally support around us by asking for help. But then what?

We need a practical system that is easy to follow in order to make change happen. Enter the Change Conqueror virtual workshop! It has all the tools you need to bring about any change you want to see in work or life! You’ll learn:

  1. The mindset needed for change to happen
  2. What change requires and what change creates
  3. Easy-to-use ACTION plan to start changing today!

It’s all packaged together in one 90-minute workshop that you can watch live or catch the replay when it’s convenient for you. Fall is the perfect time to usher in changes, large and small, as nature reminds us through changing leaves and changing weather. Change is happening. You can be more than in control of it. You can be a Change Conqueror!

#PositiveAction Identify one change you’d like to make at work or home and get started today!

And if you’re looking for more change resources, you may be interested in my books, You Got This and Change Authentically: A Guide to Transform Your Job and Life Through Positive Action!


Image by Gerd Altmann  from Pixabay

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