What makes change easier?

As I shared in my post on Change and Body, I’m an improver at heart. 

On the plus side, it helps me enjoy the process of change. On the minus side, it means I’m never satisfied. There’s always something else to be tweaked, updated, or tinkered with. When I harness this power for good, it helps me refine and improve; when used by the perfectionistic demon that follows me around all day perched on my shoulder, it wreaks havoc.

Yes, all our strengths can also be weaknesses if we let them.

This is where a good support system comes in. I have some people in my life that I can trust to be honest with me. They will tell me if I’m over-improving, allowing my perfectionist tendencies to interfere with progress, or if I’m just plain being an idiot! And I love them for it.

What makes change easier? Friends! We all need BFFs, whether you call them friends, buddies, pals, or even work proximity associates

Yes, friends are fun to chat with, but they are also an in-built source of accountability. When we tell other people about something we’re working toward, we are WAY less likely to bail on that plan when it gets hard, because we know our friends (at least our real ones!) will ask about it. They help us stay the course and provide support when we’re struggling. They care about how we’re doing. They’re willing to help us when we need it. Basically, involving your friends makes ANY change a whole lot easier to manage.*

We are entering the season of change as summer transforms to winter and I’ve got exactly what you need if you’re ready for a change. It’s a 90-minute Change Conqueror virtual workshop designed to help you tackle any change you want to make in work or life (whether you’ve chosen change or not!).

#PositiveAction Reach out to 1-3 friends to share something important where you could use some extra accountability. You’ll be glad you did when you hit your goal!

*If that hasn’t been your experience, you may need to find a new support group… and lucky for you, I have just the group in mind!


Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay