Is “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people!” something you say out loud (or mutter under your breath!) at every family gathering? Even this is something to be grateful for! Stay with me…

There’s a reason that the made-up holiday Festivus from Seinfeld is still so popular, more than 20 years on. We all have a lot of problems with people. Especially people we have to spend large amounts of time with. Isn’t that what makes all those ridiculously awful reality shows so exciting? It’s the drama (real and/or invented by producers) that arises after people are together for a while.

It’s not socially acceptable (nor is it advised) to go berserk at work, so more often than not, we end up losing it with our families. You know, those safe spaces where we don’t have to be polite.

But before you go airing your list of grievances, let me suggest another option. You could create a list of gratitude instead.

Being with people is a chance to practice listening and empathy and understanding another viewpoint (regardless of how wrong you think they are!). It’s a masterclass in patience!

You don’t have to agree with everyone you’re related to, but you can celebrate the differences that make every single person unique!

#PositiveAction Thank someone in your family. Every day, our families create opportunities for us to practice gratitude through the things they do and say. Whether you had a good laugh or had a chance to practice patience, express your gratitude for it.


Image by ashish choudhary from Pixabay



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